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    Ivy Tech Corporate College has partnered with Career Step to help students like you train for a rewarding new career. Programs available through this partnership include:

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    What Graduates Say:

    • "The Career Step course is challenging, fun, and well organized. I am a recent graduate, and I had no problem finding my first job. I am excited, confident in my skills, and thrilled to start my new career. Thank you so much Career Step. To all the mothers and mothers-to-be, you can do this! Yes, it is challenging and stressful at times, but the Career Step staff and forum are there to help whenever needed. Good luck!" -Kimberly, Missouri
    • "I'm excited to be able to go into the workplace knowing that I've already got all the skills to succeed at my fingertips!" -Mary, Arizona
    • "I was able to get a job within 3 weeks of graduating, which was largely related to the Career Step name on my resume. I have talked to people and read that many new grads from other schools are looking for work for 4 to 6 months. I love my job and . . . I was well prepared for the work!" -Amanda, Texas
    • "I thoroughly enjoyed my Career Step training! I hadn't gone to school in many years and was unsure if I even had it in me to complete such a comprehensive course. . . . I received a job offer from the company that I really was hoping to work for within 8 days after I received my final results and tested with them. I couldn't be happier!" -Janice, Arizona
    • "When I went for my interview, because of my thorough Career Step training, I was hired on the spot. The company owner was amazed at my skills, compared to the applicants from the local schools/colleges." -Linda, Tennessee
    • "After losing my job, I turned to Career Step for my education . . . Career Step introduced a whole new world to me and has opened the doors to a plethora of career opportunities." -Vicki, Kentucky
    • "I love Career Step! When I enrolled, I thought that this was going to be a hard, lonely road. I was wrong. When I enrolled, I joined a team and gained a family. I was never alone. If I needed help of had a question, all I had to do was email student support or post on the forum. Everybody was so friendly and knowledgeable. They always gave you the feeling that they were only there for one reason—to see you succeed." -Dawnette, Oklahoma
    • "Graduate support has truly exceeded any expectations that I had. They are so supportive and are determined to help me find a job and be successful . . . Thanks, Career Step!" -Marlena, South Carolina
    • "I originally decided to take the course simply because I wanted to be home for my young son. Before I was even halfway through the course, it becamse so much more. It became something I wanted to do for me as well. I feel like I have accomplished something wonderful, and I discovered that I can have a career that I am passionate about and truly enjoy. It doesn't get any better than that!" -Trinity, Utah
    • "Career Step is definitely a program I will recommend to anyone who is looking to begin a career in this field. I was working full time while doing this program, and I was still able to complete it easily. This program is very informative and resourceful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -Haylee, Utah
    • "Career Step was recommended to me by a family member . . . I found the training to be excellent and very worth the investment. In contacting prospective employers, they all seem very open to hiring graduates, which speaks volumes about the respect granted to Career Step's student preparation." -Jennifer, California
    • "I have nothing to gain by exaggerating my experience with Career Step. So, when I say this course literally exceeded my expectations, it is the truth. If you want to be 100% prepared for a job . . . you can't go wrong with Career Step." -Michael, Georgia
    • "Career Step was the best thing that ever happened to me. . . . I love the opportunity that Career Step has given me. The knowledge I have obtained from Career Step can take me anywhere I want to go. They provide the groundwork to a life-long career." -Susan, Missouri
    • "Great program with wonderful support from the technical group to the skills assessment team to the graduate support team. Any and all questions or concerns were always answered immediately. I would highly recommend the program to anyone!" -Elizabeth, Tennessee
    • "The program is very challenging but that is what makes it worthwhile. . . . The Career Step program prepared me to well that I was able to . . . get a great job! My employer is very pleased with my progress so far on the job, and so am I." -Lisa, Utah
    • "Career Step has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to start a new career. Thanks to the intense course, I feel confident in starting my new career. . . . I know I would not be able to do this work if your course had not been so complete!" -Patti, Wisconsin
    • "I really like the way Career Step has their program set up. The program was easy to follow and understand. All the staff at Career Step was always friendly and helpful." -Robin, Illinois
    • "I am honored and grateful to be a Career Step graduate. Not only did I find the training excellent, but the sense of camaraderie with fellow students and student support made for a very enjoyable learning experience." -Sally, New York
    • "I completed the Career Step coursework in about 6 months and found a job less than 2 weeks after submitting my first application. Career Step has made it possible for me to live my dream of being a stay-at-home mom and still contribute financially to my family. I feel truly blessed!" -Tiffany, Texas
    • "I was able to complete the training program during the time my son was napping. I love the flexibility the program offers, as well as the in-depth training. I even recommended it to my sister-in-law who is taking the course now. Thank you, Career Step!" -Amanda, Montana